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An Emboldened FTC: What Does It Mean for a Company’s Cybersecurity Team?

Jul 29, 2014|Data Security|

In April, Edith Ramirez, Chairwoman of the FTC, and Julie Brill, FTC Commissioner, tweeted: “Pleased the court recognized @FTC’s authority to hold biz accountable for safeguarding

Monkey See, Monkey Do? Like Federal Courts, New York State Courts Are Chang...

Jul 23, 2014|E-Discovery Rules, General E-Discovery|

As new and proposed rules regarding e-discovery in the Commercial Division of the New York State Supreme Court demonstrate, state courts are catching up to the

Will the Rules Amendments Resolve the Burden of Preservation?

Jul 17, 2014|E-Discovery Rules, General E-Discovery, Preservation|

A recent report from University of Chicago Law Professor William Hubbard revealed the results from the Preservation Costs Survey, commissioned in 2011 by the Civil Justice

The Fix on Fixed Fees

Jul 14, 2014|E-Discovery Managed Services, General E-Discovery|

One of the biggest problems law firms and corporate clients face is the unpredictable nature of costs associated with e-discovery, since all it takes is for

10 Characteristics of an Ideal Managed Services Provider

Jul 9, 2014|E-Discovery Managed Services, General E-Discovery|

In our last post, we considered internal factors that organizations should evaluate when deciding whether and how to allocate responsibility for e-discovery between in-house and external