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Progress on Data Protection in the European Union

Jul 1, 2015|Cross-Border E-Discovery, Data Security|

We may see the final text of the proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation by the end of 2015. In mid-June, the Council of the European

How to Keep Review Moving Along While the Sun Shines

Jun 25, 2015|Managed Review|

By Christine Yi, vice president of strategy and special initiatives for Xerox Litigation Services

Complying with deadlines in data-intensive discovery and regulatory matters is challenging enough, but

E-Discovery Down Under

Jun 18, 2015|Cross-Border E-Discovery, Data Privacy|

In Crocodile Dundee, a teenager approaches Michael “Mick” Dundee on the streets of New York, seemingly to ask for a light. As Mick complies, the kid

How Tech Savvy Is Your Firm?

Jun 11, 2015|General E-Discovery, Technology-Assisted Review|

Over the years, law firms have developed a reputation for eschewing technology in favor of more traditional methods. Though not every lawyer is a Luddite, many

Assuring Regulatory Compliance Doesn’t Get Lost in Translation

Jun 4, 2015|Analytics, General E-Discovery|

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, hapless Earthling Arthur Dent jams a Babel fish in his ear that gives him the ability to instantly understand