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Effective Discovery Requires Effective Communication

Sep 24, 2014|General E-Discovery|

As the Southern District of Ohio recently noted in Brown v. Tellermate Holdings Ltd., “[t]here may have been a time in the courts of this country

The Home Depot Data Breach: There’s No Time Like the Present for Cybersec...

Sep 23, 2014|Data Security|

As Home Depot’s recent cybersecurity breach emphasizes, there is no time like the present to institute controls designed to prevent an attack. In the latest data

Social Media Defies Traditional Evidence Collection and Review Techniques

Sep 11, 2014|Data Privacy, General E-Discovery, Social Media|

Traditional e-discovery collection tools are not designed to work with social media, and manual techniques are too time consuming to be workable, as a plaintiff learned

Keywords vs. Technology-Assisted Review: Are they mutually exclusive?

Sep 4, 2014|Strategic Search, Technology-Assisted Review|

Recently in Bridgestone Americas, Inc. v. International Business Machines Corp., U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Brown of the Middle District of Tennessee addressed the plaintiff’s request to

Information Governance: On-the-Ground Perspectives and Practical Guidance

Aug 27, 2014|Information Governance|

The Information Governance Initiative (IGI) annual report is particularly relevant to clients. It rises above the “noise” in the industry surrounding information governance, providing on-the-ground insight into what is occurring right now within many organizations, practical guidance based on real-life experience, and a peek into what the not-so-distant future holds for many corporations.