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A Game-Changer for E-Discovery in Hong Kong

Dec 17, 2014|Cross-Border E-Discovery, E-Discovery Rules, Proportionality|

For parties engaged in cross-border investigations or disputes in Asia, as of September 1, 2014, civil litigants in Hong Kong must follow new rules that govern

Don’t Be the Next Data Breach Target

Dec 12, 2014|Data Security|

As the much-publicized data breaches of the last year reveal, third parties are often the gateway to an organization’s data. As repositories of vast amounts of

Defensible Technology-Assisted Review in Six Key Steps

Nov 26, 2014|Technology-Assisted Review|

How does one build effective and defensible processes around Technology-Assisted Review (TAR)? What attributes contribute to an effective and defensible TAR process? Although each matter requires

A Case Study: Technology-Assisted Review Versus Search Terms

Nov 19, 2014|Technology-Assisted Review|

In a recent multibillion-dollar fraud case, a global financial services company had three months to identify, collect, process, review, and produce responsive documents from a collection

How Well Do You Know Your Ethical Responsibilities Surrounding the Use of T...

Nov 12, 2014|E-Discovery Rules, Technology-Assisted Review|

Lawyers who fail to comprehend the ethical challenges surrounding the use of technology-assisted review (TAR) may unknowingly damage their clients’ cases and risk sanctions for the