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Social Media Defies Traditional Evidence Collection and Review Techniques

Sep 11, 2014|Data Privacy, General E-Discovery, Social Media|

Traditional e-discovery collection tools are not designed to work with social media, and manual techniques are too time consuming to be workable, as a plaintiff learned

Keywords vs. Technology-Assisted Review: Are they mutually exclusive?

Sep 4, 2014|Strategic Search, Technology-Assisted Review|

Recently in Bridgestone Americas, Inc. v. International Business Machines Corp., U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Brown of the Middle District of Tennessee addressed the plaintiff’s request to

Information Governance: On-the-Ground Perspectives and Practical Guidance

Aug 27, 2014|Information Governance|

The Information Governance Initiative (IGI) annual report is particularly relevant to clients. It rises above the “noise” in the industry surrounding information governance, providing on-the-ground insight into what is occurring right now within many organizations, practical guidance based on real-life experience, and a peek into what the not-so-distant future holds for many corporations.

How Far Does the In-House Zone of Silence Extend?

Aug 21, 2014|General E-Discovery|

In a recent case, a Massachusetts appellate court raised important questions about the scope of the work product doctrine for in-house lawyers. In Cahaly v. Benistar

A More Progressive Case for the Use of Technology-Assisted Review

Aug 12, 2014|Cooperation, Technology-Assisted Review|

As we mentioned in a recent blog post, a federal magistrate judge in the District of Nevada recently refused to allow a party to use technology-assisted