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Quality Control Is Job 1

Apr 16, 2014|General E-Discovery|

In January, U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal sanctioned Samsung and its law firm for a series of violations involving the disclosure of a document containing confidential information in contravention of the court’s protective order. Read more…

The Civil Rules Committee Goes Back to the Drawing Board on Rule 37(e)

Apr 7, 2014|E-Discovery Rules, General E-Discovery|

Calling its prior proposal “too restrictive,” the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules published a substantially revised version of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37(e) in the agenda for its April 10-11 meeting. Read more…

Cybersecurity Is Not Just an IT Issue; It’s an IG Issue

Apr 1, 2014|General E-Discovery, Information Governance, Technology-Assisted Review|

For leaders and counsel in many organizations, the word “cybersecurity” typically triggers concerns about the IT department, conjuring images of hackers and requiring unfamiliar terminology such as “firewalls” and “encryption.” However, at its essence, cybersecurity is an information governance issue…

Be Prepared to Answer Discovery About Your Discovery

Mar 20, 2014|Cooperation, E-Discovery Rules, General E-Discovery, Meet & Confer|

Under the current formulation of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(b)(1), courts have shown a willingness to allow a requesting party to inquire into the discovery

The ‘Internet of Things’: Big Trouble Ahead for Privacy?

Mar 17, 2014|Data Privacy, Data Security, General E-Discovery, Information Governance|

Last week in JD Supra I wrote about How the ‘Internet of Things’ Will Impact Data Security and Privacy. In the post, I noted some of